The Marine Prop Riders club was established in 1951 to promote Inboard Hydroplane Racing in the Detroit area.

Our racers range in age from their teens to 70-some, and represent at least seven classes of racing from the 1.0 Litre class to the thundering supercharged big-block powered Grand Prix hydros, as well as the Unlimited Hydroplanes that race for the APBA Gold Cup on the Detroit River each summer. We also have members in the Vintage class who run exhibition laps with the raceboats of years gone by.

We set World Records!

MPR members are involved in presenting a number of races in the region, many are drivers and others participate as crew, scorers, referees, rescue personnel and event volunteers. You're welcome to join us.

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2015 Award Winners
December 4, 2015
And the winners are:

Prop Rider of the Year – Rich Falcinelli
Rookie of the Year – Chris Owen
Hard Luck Award – Patrick Sankuer
Jim and Elsie Edwards Award – Dick Delsener
Doc Terry Award – Mark Weber
Grant Ward Volunteer Award – Mike Ambrogio

Overall Hi Point – Tim Collins
1 Litre – Tim Collins
2.5 Stock – Keith Fickert
2.5 Mod – Royce Richards / Joan English
5 Litre – Kent & Andy Keogh
National Modified – Tom Newman
– Andy Denka
Grand Prix – Royce Richards / Joan English